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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
375 CTRPNT ControlPoint Control Point
374 ContributingPoint Contributing Point
373 COSARE ContinentalShelfArea Continental Shelf Area
372 CONZNE ContiguousZone Contiguous Zone
371 ConcentrationOfShippingHazardArea Concentration of Shipping Hazard Area
370 M_CSCL CompilationScaleOfData Compilation Scale of Data
369 comare CommunicationArea Communication Area
368 CollisionRegulationsLimit Collision Regulations Limit
367 CGUSTA CoastGuardStation Coast Guard Station
366 $AREAS CartographicArea Cartographic Area
365 CTSARE CargoTranshipmentArea Cargo Transhipment Area
364 $CSYMB CartographicSymbol Cartographic Symbol
363 $LINES CartographicLine Cartographic Line
362 CANBNK CanalBank Canal Bank
361 CBLARE CableArea Cable Area
360 bunsta BunkerStation Bunker Station
359 BUAARE BuiltUpArea Built-Up Area
358 BoundaryPoint Boundary Point
357 BASEPT BaselinePoint Baseline Point
356 bar Bar 2019-04-17