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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
376 EXEZNE ExclusiveEconomicZone Exclusive Economic Zone
375 excnst ExceptionalNavigationStructure Exceptional Navigation Structure
374 EnvironmentObservationEquipment Environment Observation Equipment
373 DMPGRD DumpingGround Dumping Ground
372 DRYDOC DryDock Dry Dock
371 DRGARE DredgedArea Dredged Area
370 DOCARE DockArea Dock Area
369 DISMAR DistanceMark Distance Mark
368 DEPCNT DepthContour Depth Contour
367 DEPARE DepthArea Depth Area
366 DWRTPT DeepWaterRoutePart Deep Water Route Part
365 CUSZNE CustomZone Custom Zone
364 PortCallMessage Port Call Message 2019-07-01
363 CURENT CurrentNonGravitational Current - Non-Gravitational
362 CTRPNT ControlPoint Control Point
361 ContributingPoint Contributing Point
360 COSARE ContinentalShelfArea Continental Shelf Area
359 CONZNE ContiguousZone Contiguous Zone
358 ConcentrationOfShippingHazardArea Concentration of Shipping Hazard Area
357 M_CSCL CompilationScaleOfData Compilation Scale of Data