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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
195 I_FRAL LineIceFracture Line of Ice Fracture
194 I_CRAC LineIceCrack Line of Ice Crack
193 SEAICE SeaIce Sea Ice
192 LACICE LakeIce Lake Ice
191 I_FLOE FloeSeparateGiant Separate Giant Floe
190 I_RIDG LineIceRidge Line of Ice Ridge
189 I_LEAD LineIceLead Line of Ice Lead
188 BRGARE AreaBerg Iceberg Area
187 ICELNE IceEdge Ice Edge
186 BRGLNE LimitIceberg Iceberg Limit
185 OPNLNE LimitWater Limit of Open Water
184 LKILNE LimitAllice Limit of All Known Ice
183 ICECOM IceCompacting Ice Compacting
182 ICELEA IceLead Ice Lead
181 ICEBRG BergIce Iceberg
180 FLOBRG BergFloe Floeberg
179 ICETHK IceThickness Ice Thickness
178 ICESHR IceShear Ice Shear
177 ICEDIV IceDivergence Ice Divergence
176 ICERDG IceRidge Ice Ridge/Hummock