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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
488 lg_spd maximalPermittedSpeed Maximal Permitted Speed
487 lg_lgs maximalPermittedLength Maximal Permitted Length
486 lg_drt maximalPermittedDraught Maximal Permitted Draught
485 lg_bme maximalPermittedBeam Maximal Permitted Beam
484 MARSYS marksNavigationalSystemOf Marks Navigational - System Of
483 mannedStructure Manned Structure
482 majorLight Major Light
481 magneticAnomalyValueMinimum Magnetic Anomaly Value Minimum
480 LINKGE linkage Linkage
479 SDISMN lineSpacingMinimum Line Spacing Minimum
478 SDISMX lineSpacingMaximum Line Spacing Maximum
477 LITVIS lightVisibility Light Visibility
476 LITCHR lightCharacteristic Light Characteristic
475 LIFCAP liftingCapacity Lifting Capacity
474 leastDepthOfDetectedFeaturesMeasured Least Depth of Detected Features Measured
473 LNGINF languageInformation Language Information
472 language Language
471 ICELSO lakeIceStage Lake Ice Stage of Development
470 $JUSTV justificationVertical Justification - Vertical
469 $JUSTH justificationHorizontal Justification - Horizontal