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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
175 I_RIDG LineIceRidge Line of Ice Ridge
174 I_LEAD LineIceLead Line of Ice Lead
173 BRGARE AreaBerg Iceberg Area
172 ICELNE IceEdge Ice Edge
171 BRGLNE LimitIceberg Iceberg Limit
170 OPNLNE LimitWater Limit of Open Water
169 LKILNE LimitAllice Limit of All Known Ice
168 ICECOM IceCompacting Ice Compacting
167 ICELEA IceLead Ice Lead
166 ICEBRG BergIce Iceberg
165 FLOBRG BergFloe Floeberg
164 ICETHK IceThickness Ice Thickness
163 ICESHR IceShear Ice Shear
162 ICEDIV IceDivergence Ice Divergence
161 ICERDG IceRidge Ice Ridge/Hummock
160 ICEKEL IceKeel Ice Keel/Bummock
159 ICEDFT IceDrift Ice Drift
158 ICEFRA IceFracture Ice Fracture
157 ICERFT IceRafting Ice Rafting
156 JMDBRR BarrierBrash Jammed Brash Barrier