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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
468 iSPSLevel ISPS Level
467 installationDate Installation Date
466 inspectionRequirements Inspection Requirements
465 inspectionFrequency Inspection Frequency
464 NINFOM informationInNationalLanguage Information in National Language
463 informationConfidence Information Confidence
462 INDCOP indexOfCooperation Index of Cooperation
461 inTheWater In the Water
460 inBallast In Ballast
459 imoFormatForReporting IMO Format for Reporting
458 idCode ID Code
457 ICEBSZ icebergSize Iceberg Size
456 IA_BFM icebergForm Iceberg Form
455 IA_BCN icebergConcentration Iceberg Concentration
454 ICEFAC iceFactor Ice Factor
453 IA_FFA brecciaFirstPartialConcentration Ice Breccia for the First Partial Concentration
452 ICEACT iceAttributeTotalConcentration Ice Attribute Total Concentration
451 ICEAPC iceAttributePartialConcentration Ice Attribute Partial Concentration
450 HORWID horizontalWidth Horizontal Width
449 HORLEN horizontalLength Horizontal Length