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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
96 RSCSTA RescueStation Rescue station
95 RIVERS River River
94 RIVBNK RiverBank River bank
93 RESARE RestrictedArea Restricted area
92 RDOSTA RadioStation Radio station
91 RDOCAL RadioCallingInPoint Radio calling-in point
90 RCTLPT RecommendedTrafficLanePart Recommended traffic lane part
89 RAPIDS Rapids Rapids
88 RAILWY Railway Railway
87 RADRNG RadarRange Radar range
86 M_VDAT VerticalDatumOfData Vertical datum of data
85 M_UNIT UnitsOfMeasurementOfData Units of measurement of data
84 M_SREL QualityOfSurvey Quality of Survey
83 M_SDAT SoundingDatum Sounding datum
82 M_QUAL QualityOfData Quality of data
81 M_PROD ProductionInformation Production information
80 M_NSYS NavigationalSystemOfMarks Navigational system of marks
79 M_NPUB NauticalPublicationInformation Nautical publication information
78 M_HOPA HorizontalDatumShiftParameters Horizontal datum shift parameters
77 M_HDAT HorizontalDatumOfData Horizontal datum of data