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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
648 velocityMinimum Velocity Minimum
647 CURVEL velocityMaximum Velocity Maximum
646 VALSOU valueOfSounding Value of Sounding
645 VALNMR valueOfNominalRange Value of Nominal Range
644 VALMXR valueOfMaximumRange Value of Maximum Range
643 VALMAG valueOfMagneticVariation Value of Magnetic Variation
642 valueOfLuminousRange Value of Luminous Range
641 valueOfGeographicalRange Value of Geographic Range
640 VALDCO valueOfDepthContour Value of Depth Contour
639 VALACM valueOfAnnualChangeInMagneticVariation Value of Annual Change in Magnetic Variation
638 meawat valueAtRelevantMeanWaterLevel Value at Relevant Mean Water Level
637 lowwat valueAtRelevantLowWaterLevel Value at Relevant Low Water Level
636 higwat valueAtRelevantHighWaterLevel Value at Relevant High Water Level
635 othwat valueAtOtherLocallyRelevantWaterLevel Value at Other Locally Relevant Water Level
634 underlyingLayer Underlying Layer
633 underKeelAllowanceVariableDraughtBased Under Keel Allowance Variable Draught Based
632 underKeelAllowanceVariableBeamBased Under Keel Allowance Variable Beam Based
631 underKeelAllowanceFixed Under Keel Allowance Fixed
630 uncertainty Uncertainty
629 unlocd uNLocationCode UN Location Code