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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
642 meawat valueAtRelevantMeanWaterLevel Value at Relevant Mean Water Level
641 lowwat valueAtRelevantLowWaterLevel Value at Relevant Low Water Level
640 higwat valueAtRelevantHighWaterLevel Value at Relevant High Water Level
639 othwat valueAtOtherLocallyRelevantWaterLevel Value at Other Locally Relevant Water Level
638 underlyingLayer Underlying Layer
637 underKeelAllowanceVariableDraughtBased Under Keel Allowance Variable Draught Based
636 underKeelAllowanceVariableBeamBased Under Keel Allowance Variable Beam Based
635 underKeelAllowanceFixed Under Keel Allowance Fixed
634 uncertainty Uncertainty
633 unlocd uNLocationCode UN Location Code
632 uKCPurpose UKC Purpose
631 typeOfLight Type of Light
630 typeOfEnvironmentalObservationEquipment Type of Environmental Observation Equipment
629 typeOfBuoy Type of Buoy
628 typeOfBattery Type of Battery
627 trshgd transshippingGoods Transshipping Goods
626 TRAFIC trafficFlow Traffic Flow
625 TOPSHP topmarkDaymarkShape Topmark/Daymark Shape
624 transmittingStationID Transmitting Station ID
623 transmitterIdentificationCharacter Transmitter Identification Character