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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
642 MLTYLT multiplicityOfLights Multiplicity of Lights
641 multiplicityKnown Multiplicity Known
640 moireEffect Moire Effect
639 MNTODD minutePastOddHours Minute Past Odd Hours
638 MNTALL minutePastEveryHour Minute Past Every Hour
637 MNTEVN minutePastEvenHours Minute Past Even Hours
636 minimumDisplayScale Minimum Display Scale
635 MBRSHP membership Membership
634 measuredDistance Measured Distance
633 maximumPermittedDraught Maximum Permitted Draught
632 lg_wdp maximalPermittedWaterDisplacement Maximal Permitted Water Displacement
631 lg_spd maximalPermittedSpeed Maximal Permitted Speed
630 lg_lgs maximalPermittedLength Maximal Permitted Length
629 lg_drt maximalPermittedDraught Maximal Permitted Draught
628 lg_bme maximalPermittedBeam Maximal Permitted Beam
627 MARSYS marksNavigationalSystemOf Marks Navigational - System Of
626 mannedStructure Manned Structure
625 majorLight Major Light
624 magneticAnomalyValueMinimum Magnetic Anomaly Value Minimum
623 LINKGE linkage Linkage