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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
336 PilotageDistrict Pilotage District
335 PilotService Pilot Service
334 PhysicalAISAidToNavigation Physical AIS Aid to Navigation
333 OrganizationContactArea Organization Contact Area
332 OILBAR OilBarrier Oil Barrier
331 OSPARE OffshoreProductionArea Offshore Production Area
330 OFSPLF OffshorePlatform Offshore Platform
329 notmrk NoticeMark Notice Mark
328 NEWOBJ NewObject New Object
327 NAVTEXStationArea NAVTEX Station Area
326 M_NSYS NavigationalSystemOfMarks Navigational System of Marks
325 NAVLNE NavigationLine Navigation Line
324 M_NPUB NauticalPublicationInformation Nautical Publication Information
323 MORFAC MooringWarpingFacility Mooring/Warping Facility
322 MIPARE MilitaryPracticeArea Military Practice Area
321 lg_vsp MaximumPermittedVesselSpeed Maximum Permitted Vessel Speed
320 lg_sdm MaximumPermittedShipDimensions Maximum Permitted Ship Dimensions
319 MARCUL MarineFarmCulture Marine Farm/Culture
318 MAGVAR MagneticVariation Magnetic Variation
317 LOGPON LogPond Log Pond