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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
628 uKCPurpose UKC Purpose
627 typeOfLight Type of Light
626 typeOfEnvironmentalObservationEquipment Type of Environmental Observation Equipment
625 typeOfBuoy Type of Buoy
624 typeOfBattery Type of Battery
623 trshgd transshippingGoods Transshipping Goods
622 TRAFIC trafficFlow Traffic Flow
621 TOPSHP topmarkDaymarkShape Topmark/Daymark Shape
620 transmittingStationID Transmitting Station ID
619 transmitterIdentificationCharacter Transmitter Identification Character
618 transmissionTime Transmission Time
617 transmissionRegularity Transmission Regularity
616 transmissionPower Transmission Power
615 transmissionOfTrafficLists Transmission of Traffic Lists
614 transmissionContent Transmission Content
613 TIMSTA timeStart Time Start
612 timeRelativeToTide Time Relative to Tide
611 TIMEND timeEnd Time End
610 T_TINT tideCurrentTimeIntervalOfValues Tide, Current - Time Interval of Values
609 T_VAHC tideValueOfHarmonicConstituents Tide - Value of Harmonic Constituents