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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
317 RadioServiceArea Radio Service Area
316 RDOCAL RadioCallingInPoint Radio Calling-In Point
315 RTPBCN RadarTransponderBeacon Radar Transponder Beacon
314 RADSTA RadarStation Radar Station
313 RADRFL RadarReflector Radar Reflector
312 RADLNE RadarLine Radar Line
311 RADRNG RadarRange Radar Range
310 M_QUAL QualityOfData Quality of Data
309 PYLONS PylonBridgeSupport Pylon/Bridge Support
308 PRDARE ProductionStorageArea Production/Storage Area
307 M_PROD ProductionInformation Production Information
306 PRCARE PrecautionaryArea Precautionary Area
305 prtare PortArea Port Area
304 PlaceOfRefuge Place of Refuge
303 PiracyRiskArea Piracy Risk Area
302 PilotageDistrict Pilotage District
301 PilotService Pilot Service
300 PhysicalAISAidToNavigation Physical AIS Aid to Navigation
299 OrganizationContactArea Organization Contact Area
298 OILBAR OilBarrier Oil Barrier