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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
606 T_MTOD tideMethodOfTidalPrediction Tide - Method of Tidal Prediction
605 T_HWLW tideHighAndLowWaterValues Tide - High and Low Water Values
604 T_ACWL tideAccuracyOfWaterLevel Tide - Accuracy of Water Level
603 TS_TSV tidalStreamCurrentTimeSeriesValues Tidal Stream/Current - Time Series Values
602 TS_TSP tidalStreamPanelValues Tidal Stream - Panel Values
601 thicknessOfIceCapability Thickness of Ice Capability
600 NTXTDS textualDescriptionInNationalLanguage Textual Description in National Language
599 textType Text Type
598 $NTXST textStringInNationalLanguage Text String in National Language
597 $TXSTR textString Text String
596 telecommunicationIdentifier Telecommunication Identifier
595 telecommunicationCarrier Telecommunication Carrier
594 TECSOU techniqueOfVerticalMeasurement Technique of Vertical Measurement
593 $SCODE symbolizationCode Symbolization Code
592 $SCALE symbolScalingFactor Symbol Scaling Factor
591 SYMINS symbolInstruction Symbol Instruction
590 SURTYP surveyType Survey Type
589 SURSTA surveyDateStart Survey Date Start
588 SUREND surveyDateEnd Survey Date End
587 SURATH surveyAuthority Survey Authority