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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
602 COMCHA communicationChannel Communication Channel
601 COLPAT colourPattern Colour Pattern
600 clsdng classOfDangerousCargo Class of Dangerous Cargo
599 CITYNM cityName City Name
598 $CHARS characterSpecification Character Specification
597 $SPACE characterSpacing Character Spacing
596 CATSPM categoryOfSpecialPurposeMark Category of Special Purpose Mark
595 CATSCF categoryOfSmallCraftFacility Category of Small Craft Facility
594 CATSLO categoryOfSlope Category of Slope
593 CATSIL categoryOfSiloTank Category of Silo/Tank
592 CATZOC categoryOfZoneOfConfidenceInData Category of Zone of Confidence In Data
591 CATWRK categoryOfWreck Category of Wreck
590 CATWED categoryOfWeedKelp Category of Weed/Kelp
589 catgag categoryOfWaterwayGauge Category of Waterway Gauge
588 CATWAT categoryOfWaterTurbulence Category of Water Turbulence
587 categoryOfVesselTrafficService Category of Vessel Traffic Service
586 categoryOfVesselRegistry Category of Vessel Registry
585 catvtr categoryOfVehicleTransfer Category of Vehicle Transfer
584 CATVEG categoryOfVegetation Category of Vegetation
583 iMOAdopted IMO Adopted 2019-05-14