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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
608 T_TSVL tideTimeSeriesValues Tide - Time Series Values
607 T_THDF tideTimeAndHeighDifferences Tide - Time and Height Differences
606 T_MTOD tideMethodOfTidalPrediction Tide - Method of Tidal Prediction
605 T_HWLW tideHighAndLowWaterValues Tide - High and Low Water Values
604 T_ACWL tideAccuracyOfWaterLevel Tide - Accuracy of Water Level
603 TS_TSV tidalStreamCurrentTimeSeriesValues Tidal Stream/Current - Time Series Values
602 TS_TSP tidalStreamPanelValues Tidal Stream - Panel Values
601 thicknessOfIceCapability Thickness of Ice Capability
600 NTXTDS textualDescriptionInNationalLanguage Textual Description in National Language
599 textType Text Type
598 $NTXST textStringInNationalLanguage Text String in National Language
597 $TXSTR textString Text String
596 telecommunicationIdentifier Telecommunication Identifier
595 telecommunicationCarrier Telecommunication Carrier
594 TECSOU techniqueOfVerticalMeasurement Technique of Vertical Measurement
593 $SCODE symbolizationCode Symbolization Code
592 $SCALE symbolScalingFactor Symbol Scaling Factor
591 SYMINS symbolInstruction Symbol Instruction
590 SURTYP surveyType Survey Type
589 SURSTA surveyDateStart Survey Date Start