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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
582 CATTXT categoryOfText Category of Text
581 CATSIW categoryOfSignalStationWarning Category of Signal Station, Warning
580 CATSIT categoryOfSignalStationTraffic Category of Signal Station, Traffic
579 CATSLC categoryOfShorelineConstruction Category of Shoreline Construction
578 lc_csi categoryOfShipIncluding Category of Ship (Including)
577 lc_cse categoryOfShipExcluding Category of Ship (Excluding)
576 CATREP categoryOfShipReport Category of Ship Report
575 CATSEA categoryOfSeaArea Category of Sea Area
574 CATSDL categoryOfSchedule Category of Schedule
573 CATRUN categoryOfRunway Category of Runway
572 categoryOfRouteingMeasure Category of Routeing Measure
571 CATROD categoryOfRoad Category of Road
570 categoryOfRight Category of Right
569 CATREA categoryOfRestrictedArea Category of Restricted Area
568 CATRSC categoryOfRescueStation Category of Rescue Station
567 categoryOfRelationship Category of Relationship
566 catrfd categoryOfRefuseDump Category of Refuse Dump
565 basedOnFixedMarks Based On Fixed Marks 2019-05-10
564 CATTRK categoryOfRecommendedTrack Category of Recommended Track
563 CATROS categoryOfRadioStation Category of Radio Station