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No. Associated Attri. Code Camel Code ID Name Date Accepted
2598 categoryOfNoticeMark 55 e5BerthingThatIsAnchoringOrMakingFastToThe BankPermitted (E.5) Berthing (that is Anchoring or Making Fast to the Bank) Permitted
2597 categoryOfNoticeMark 54 e4bFerryBoatMovingIndependently (E.4b) Ferry-Boat Moving Independently
2596 categoryOfNoticeMark 53 e4aFerryBoatNotMovingIndependently (E.4a) Ferry-Boat Not Moving Independently
2595 categoryOfNoticeMark 52 e3Weir (E.3) Weir
2594 categoryOfNoticeMark 51 e2OverheadCableCrossing (E.2) Overhead Cable Crossing
2593 categoryOfNoticeMark 50 e1EntryPermittedGeneralSign (E.1) Entry Permitted (General Sign)
2592 categoryOfNoticeMark 49 d3YouAreRecommendedToProceedInTheRightDirection (D.3) You Are Recommended to Proceed in the Right Direction
2591 categoryOfNoticeMark 48 d3YouAreRecommendedToProceedInTheLeftDirection (D.3) You Are Recommended to Proceed in the Left Direction
2590 categoryOfNoticeMark 46 d2YouAreRecommendedToKeepOnRightSideInOpeningsOfBridgesAndWeirs (D.2) You are Recommended to Keep on Right Side (in Openings of Bridges and Weirs)
2589 categoryOfNoticeMark 47 d2YouAreRecommendedToKeepOnLeftSideInOpeningsOfBridgesAndWeirs (D.2) You are Recommended to Keep on Left Side (in Openings of Bridges and Weirs)
2588 categoryOfNoticeMark 45 d1bRecommendedChannelOnlyInTheDirectionIndicatedPassageInTheOppositeDirectionProhibitedAtBridges (D.1b) Recommended Channel Only in the Direction Indicated, Passage in the Opposite Direction Prohibited (at Bridges)
2587 categoryOfNoticeMark 44 d1aRecommendedChannelInBothDirections (D.1a) Recommended Channel in Both Directions
2586 categoryOfNoticeMark 43 c5TheChannelLiesAtADistanceFromTheRightBank (C.5) The Channel Lies at a Distance From the Right Bank
2585 categoryOfNoticeMark 42 c5TheChannelLiesAtADistanceFromTheLeftBank (C.5) The Channel Lies at a Distance From the Left Bank
2584 categoryOfNoticeMark 41 c4ThereAreRestrictionsOnNavigationMakeInquiries (C.4) There Are Restrictions on Navigation: Make Inquiries (with Additional Sign at Bottom of Main Sign)
2583 categoryOfNoticeMark 40 c3WidthOfPassageOrChannelLimited (C.3) Width of Passage or Channel Limited
2582 categoryOfNoticeMark 39 c2HeadroomLimited (C.2) Headroom Limited
2581 categoryOfNoticeMark 38 c1DepthOfWaterLimited (C.1) Depth of Water Limited
2580 categoryOfNoticeMark 123 b12ObligationToUseOnshorePowerSupplyPoint (B.12) Obligation to Use Onshore Power Supply Point
2579 categoryOfNoticeMark 37 b11ObligationToEnterIntoARadiotelephoneLinkOnTheChannelAsIndicatedOnTheBoard (B.11) Obligation to Enter Into a Radiotelephone Link on the Channel as Indicated on the Board