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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
562 categoryOfRadioMethods Category of Radio Methods
561 CATRTB categoryOfRadarTransponderBeacon Category of Radar Transponder Beacon
560 CATRAS categoryOfRadarStation Category of Radar Station
559 CATQUA categoryOfQualityOfData Category of Quality of Data
558 CATPYL categoryOfPylon Category of Pylon
557 CATPRA categoryOfProductionArea Category of Production Area
556 categoryOfPreference Category of Preference
555 categoryOfPilot Category of Pilot
554 CATPLE categoryOfPile Category of Pile
553 categoryOfOnlineFunction Category of Online Function
552 CATOLB categoryOfOilBarrier Category of Oil Barrier
551 CATOFP categoryOfOffshorePlatform Category of Offshore Platform
550 CATOBS categoryOfObstruction Category of Obstruction
549 catnmk categoryOfNoticeMark Category of Notice Mark
548 CATNAV categoryOfNavigationLine Category of Navigation Line
547 CATMOR categoryOfMooringWarpingFacility Category of Mooring/Warping Facility
546 CATMPA categoryOfMilitaryPracticeArea Category of Military Practice Area
545 CATMAB categoryOfMaritimeBroadcast Category of Maritime Broadcast
544 CATLIT categoryOfLight Category of Light
543 CATLAM categoryOfLateralMark Category of Lateral Mark