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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
562 SCAMIN scaleMinimum Scale Minimum
561 SCAMAX scaleMaximum Scale Maximum
560 responsiblePartyOrganizationName Responsible Party Organization Name
559 requirementsForMaintenanceOfListeningWatch Requirements for Maintenance of Listening Watch
558 remotelyMonitored Remotely Monitored
557 remoteMonitoringSystem Remote Monitoring System
556 lg_rel relatedIssue Related Issue
555 referenceTideType Reference Tide Type
554 referenceTide Reference Tide
553 referenceStationID Reference Station ID
552 reflev referenceGravitationalLevel Reference Gravitational Level
551 RECIND recordingIndication Recording Indication
550 RECDAT recordingDate Recording Date
549 radioBeaconHealth Radio Beacon Health
548 RADWAL radarWaveLength Radar Wave Length
547 radarBand Radar Band
546 QUASOU qualityOfVerticalMeasurement Quality of Vertical Measurement
545 QUAPOS qualityOfHorizontalMeasurement Quality of Horizontal Measurement
544 lg_pbr legalPublicationReference Publication Reference
543 PUBREF publicationReference Publication Reference