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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
542 CATLIT categoryOfLight Category of Light
541 CATLAM categoryOfLateralMark Category of Lateral Mark
540 CATLMK categoryOfLandmark Category of Landmark
539 CATLND categoryOfLandRegion Category of Land Region
538 CATINB categoryOfInstallationBuoy Category of Installation Buoy
537 CATICE categoryOfIce Category of Ice
536 cathbr categoryOfHarbourArea Category of Harbour Area
535 CATGAT categoryOfGate Category of Gate
534 CATFOR categoryOfFortifiedStructure Category of Fortified Structure
533 categoryOfFrcstOrWarningArea Category of Forecast or Warning Area
532 CATFOG categoryOfFogSignal Category of Fog Signal
531 CATFIF categoryOfFishingFacility Category of Fishing Facility
530 CATFRY categoryOfFerry Category of Ferry
529 catexs categoryOfExceptionalStructure Category of Exceptional Structure
528 CATDPG categoryOfDumpingGround Category of Dumping Ground
527 CATDOC categoryOfDock Category of Dock
526 CATDIS categoryOfDistanceMark Category of Distance Mark
525 CATDAM categoryOfDam Category of Dam
524 CATCRN categoryOfCrane Category of Crane
523 CATCOV categoryOfCoverage Category of Coverage