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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
548 reflev referenceGravitationalLevel Reference Gravitational Level
547 RECIND recordingIndication Recording Indication
546 RECDAT recordingDate Recording Date
545 radioBeaconHealth Radio Beacon Health
544 RADWAL radarWaveLength Radar Wave Length
543 radarBand Radar Band
542 QUASOU qualityOfVerticalMeasurement Quality of Vertical Measurement
541 QUAPOS qualityOfHorizontalMeasurement Quality of Horizontal Measurement
540 lg_pbr legalPublicationReference Publication Reference
539 PUBREF publicationReference Publication Reference
538 PROTRQ protocolRequest Protocol Request
537 PROTCL protocol Protocol
536 PRCTRY producingCountry Producing Country
535 POSCOD postalCode Postal Code
534 PUNITS positionalAccuracyUnits Positional Accuracy Units
533 portCode Port Code
532 portCallId Port Call ID
531 pilotVessel Pilot Vessel
530 pilotQualification Pilot Qualification
529 pilotMovement Pilot Movement