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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
542 featureIdentifier Feature Identifier
541 faxNumber Fax Number
540 EXPSOU expositionOfSounding Exposition of Sounding
539 EXCLIT exhibitionConditionOfLight Exhibition Condition of Light
538 eleva2 elevation2OfSurface Elevation 2 of Surface (m)
537 eleva1 elevation1OfSurface Elevation 1 of Surface (m)
536 dynamicResource Dynamic Resource
535 DRMSPD drumSpeed Drum Speed
534 disipu distanceOfImpactUpstream Distance of Impact, Upstream
533 disipd distanceOfImpactDownstream Distance of Impact, Downstream
532 disbk2 distanceFromNoticeMarkSecond Distance From Notice Mark, Second
531 disbk1 distanceFromNoticeMarkFirst Distance From Notice Mark, First
530 distanceAboveUKCLimit Distance Above UKC Limit
529 distance Distance
528 directionUncertainty Direction Uncertainty
527 dirimp directionOfImpact Direction of Impact
526 lg_des descriptionOfLegalConditions Description of Legal Conditions
525 DUNITS depthUnits Depth Units
524 DRVAL1 depthRangeMinimumValue Depth Range Minimum Value
523 DRVAL2 depthRangeMaximumValue Depth Range Maximum Value