• Enumerated Value : 2679 items found
No. Associated Attri. Code Camel Code ID Name Date Accepted
2559 categoryOfNoticeMark 105 bRProceedInTheMiddleOfTheRiver (BR) Proceed in the Middle of the River
2558 categoryOfNoticeMark 104 bRProceedCloseToTheMarginOnYourStarboardSide (BR) Proceed Close to the Margin on Your Starboard Side
2557 categoryOfNoticeMark 103 bRProceedCloseToTheMarginOnYourPortSide (BR) Proceed Close to the Margin on Your Port Side
2556 categoryOfNoticeMark 107 bRCrossRiverToStarboard (BR) Cross River to Starboard
2555 categoryOfNoticeMark 106 bRCrossRiverToPort (BR) Cross River to Port
2554 categoryOfNoticeMark 20 a20WaterBikesProhibited (A.20) Water Bikes Prohibited
2553 categoryOfNoticeMark 22 a19NoLaunchingOrBeachingOfVessels (A.19) No Launching or Beaching of Vessels
2552 categoryOfNoticeMark 21 a18EndOfZoneAuthorizedForHighSpeedNavigationOfSmallSportAndPleasureCraft (A.18) End of Zone Authorized for High Speed Navigation of Small Sport and Pleasure Craft
2551 categoryOfNoticeMark 19 a17UseOfSailboardsProhibited (A.17) Use of Sailboards Prohibited
2550 categoryOfNoticeMark 18 a.16AllCraftOtherThanMotorizedVesselsOrSailingCraftProhibited (A.16) All Craft Other Than Motorized Vessels or Sailing Craft Prohibited
2549 categoryOfNoticeMark 17 a15SailingVesselsProhibited (A.15) Sailing Vessels Prohibited
2548 categoryOfNoticeMark 16 a14WaterSkiingProhibited (A.14) Water Skiing Prohibited
2547 categoryOfNoticeMark 15 a12AllSportsAndPleasureCraftProhibited (A.13) All Sports and Pleasure Craft Prohibited
2546 categoryOfNoticeMark 14 a12MotorizedCraftProhibited (A.12) Motorized Craft Prohibited
2545 categoryOfNoticeMark 13 a10NoPassingOnRightSide (A.10) No Passing on Right Side (In Openings of Bridges or Weirs)
2544 categoryOfNoticeMark 12 a10NoPassingOnLeftSide (A.10) No Passing on Left Side (In Openings of Bridges or Weirs)
2543 categoryOfNoticeMark 11 a9DoNotCreateWash (A.9) Do Not Create Wash
2542 categoryOfNoticeMark 10 a8NoTurning (A.8) No Turning
2541 categoryOfNoticeMark 9 a7NoMakingFastToTheBank (A.7) No Making Fast to the Bank
2540 categoryOfNoticeMark 8 a6NoAnchoringOrTrailingOfAnchorsCablesOrChains (A.6) No Anchoring or Trailing of Anchors, Cables or Chains