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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
522 OBSTIM observationTime Observation Time
521 NOBJNM objectNameInNationalLanguage Object Name in National Language
520 OBJNAM objectName Object Name
519 CLSNAM objectClassName Object Class Name
518 CLSDEF objectClassDefinition Object Class Definition
517 numberOfFeatures Number of Features
516 NMDATE noticeToMarinersDate Notice to Mariners Date
515 nominalRangeKM Nominal Range KM
514 nominalRangeAt Nominal Range At
513 NATQUA natureOfSurfaceQualifyingTerms Nature of Surface - Qualifying Terms
512 NATSUR natureOfSurface Nature of Surface
511 NATCON natureOfConstruction Nature of Construction
510 vcrlev nameOfVerticalRiverDatumReferenceLevel Name of Vertical River Datum Reference Level
509 sdrlev nameOfSoundingDatumReferenceLevel Name of Sounding Datum Reference Level
508 NAMRES nameOfResource Name of Resource
507 meanam nameOfRelevantMeanWaterLevel Name of Relevant Mean Water Level
506 lownam nameOfRelevantLowWaterLevel Name of Relevant Low Water Level
505 hignam nameOfRelevantHighWaterLevel Name of Relevant High Water Level
504 othnam nameOfOtherLocallyRelevantWaterLevel Name of Other Locally Relevant Water Level
503 MLTYLT multiplicityOfLights Multiplicity of Lights