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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
522 CATCON categoryOfConveyor Category of Conveyor
521 CATCON categoryOfConvergentBoundary Category of Convergent Boundary
520 CATCTR categoryOfControlPoint Category of Control Point
519 categoryOfConcentrationOfShippingHazardArea Category of Concentration of Shipping Hazard Area
518 categoryOfCommPref Category of Communication Preference
517 catcom categoryOfCommunication Category of Communication
516 CATCOA categoryOfCoastline Category of Coastline
515 CATCHP categoryOfCheckpoint Category of Checkpoint
514 catccl categoryOfCemtClass Category of CEMT Class
513 lc_cci categoryOfCargoIncluding Category of Cargo (Including)
512 lc_cce categoryOfCargoExcluding Category of Cargo (Excluding)
511 CATCAM categoryOfCardinalMark Category of Cardinal Mark
510 CATCAN categoryOfCanal Category of Canal
509 CATCBL categoryOfCable Category of Cable
508 catbun categoryOfBunkerStation Category of Bunker Station
507 CATBUA categoryOfBuiltUpArea Category of Built-Up Area
506 categoryOfBroadcastCommunication Category of Broadcast/Communication
505 CATBRG categoryOfBridge Category of Bridge
504 catbrt categoryOfBerth Category of Berth
503 CATAUT categoryOfAuthority Category of Authority