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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
528 NPLDST pilotDistrictInNationalLanguage Pilot District in National Language
527 PILDST pilotDistrict Pilot District
526 pictureInformation Picture Information
525 pictureCaption Picture Caption
524 PICREP pictorialRepresentation Pictorial Representation
523 PERSTA periodicDateStart Periodic Date Start
522 PEREND periodicDateEnd Periodic Date End
521 orientationUncertainty Orientation Uncertainty
520 OPERAT operation Operation
519 OLRDES onlineResourceDescription Online Resource Description
518 OBSTIM observationTime Observation Time
517 NOBJNM objectNameInNationalLanguage Object Name in National Language
516 OBJNAM objectName Object Name
515 CLSNAM objectClassName Object Class Name
514 CLSDEF objectClassDefinition Object Class Definition
513 numberOfFeatures Number of Features
512 NMDATE noticeToMarinersDate Notice to Mariners Date
511 nominalRangeKM Nominal Range KM
510 nominalRangeAt Nominal Range At
509 NATQUA natureOfSurfaceQualifyingTerms Nature of Surface - Qualifying Terms