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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
508 NATSUR natureOfSurface Nature of Surface
507 NATCON natureOfConstruction Nature of Construction
506 vcrlev nameOfVerticalRiverDatumReferenceLevel Name of Vertical River Datum Reference Level
505 sdrlev nameOfSoundingDatumReferenceLevel Name of Sounding Datum Reference Level
504 NAMRES nameOfResource Name of Resource
503 meanam nameOfRelevantMeanWaterLevel Name of Relevant Mean Water Level
502 lownam nameOfRelevantLowWaterLevel Name of Relevant Low Water Level
501 hignam nameOfRelevantHighWaterLevel Name of Relevant High Water Level
500 othnam nameOfOtherLocallyRelevantWaterLevel Name of Other Locally Relevant Water Level
499 MLTYLT multiplicityOfLights Multiplicity of Lights
498 multiplicityKnown Multiplicity Known
497 moireEffect Moire Effect
496 MNTODD minutePastOddHours Minute Past Odd Hours
495 MNTALL minutePastEveryHour Minute Past Every Hour
494 MNTEVN minutePastEvenHours Minute Past Even Hours
493 minimumDisplayScale Minimum Display Scale
492 MBRSHP membership Membership
491 measuredDistance Measured Distance
490 maximumPermittedDraught Maximum Permitted Draught
489 lg_wdp maximalPermittedWaterDisplacement Maximal Permitted Water Displacement