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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
502 CATACH categoryOfAnchorage Category of Anchorage
501 CATAIR categoryOfAirportAirfield Category of Airport/Airfield
500 CALSGN callSign Call Sign
499 BURDEP buriedDepth Buried Depth
498 BOYSHP buoyShape Buoy Shape
497 bunves bunkerVesselAvailability Bunker Vessel, Availability
496 BUISHP buildingShape Building Shape
495 bitRate Bit Rate
494 BCNSHP beaconShape Beacon Shape
493 bnkwtw bankWaterway Bank of the Waterway
492 aptref averagePassingTimeReference Average Passing Time Reference
491 AtoNMaintenanceRecord AtoN Maintenance Record
490 lc_asi assembliesOfShipIncluding Assemblies of Ship (Including)
489 lc_ase assembliesOfShipExcluding Assemblies of Ship (Excluding)
488 AGENCY agencyResponsibleForProduction Agency Responsible for Production
487 ADMDIV administrativeDivision Administrative Division
486 addmrk additionalMark Additional Mark
485 WATLEV waterLevelEffect Water Level Effect
484 DEPTH depth Depth 2019-03-14
483 responsiblePartyPositionName Responsible Party Position Name 2019-03-07