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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
375 CURENT CurrentNonGravitational Current - Non-Gravitational
374 CTRPNT ControlPoint Control Point
373 ContributingPoint Contributing Point
372 COSARE ContinentalShelfArea Continental Shelf Area
371 CONZNE ContiguousZone Contiguous Zone
370 ConcentrationOfShippingHazardArea Concentration of Shipping Hazard Area
369 M_CSCL CompilationScaleOfData Compilation Scale of Data
368 comare CommunicationArea Communication Area
367 CollisionRegulationsLimit Collision Regulations Limit
366 CGUSTA CoastGuardStation Coast Guard Station
365 $AREAS CartographicArea Cartographic Area
364 CTSARE CargoTranshipmentArea Cargo Transhipment Area
363 $CSYMB CartographicSymbol Cartographic Symbol
362 $LINES CartographicLine Cartographic Line
361 CANBNK CanalBank Canal Bank
360 CBLARE CableArea Cable Area
359 bunsta BunkerStation Bunker Station
358 BUAARE BuiltUpArea Built-Up Area
357 BoundaryPoint Boundary Point
356 BASEPT BaselinePoint Baseline Point