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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
662 thicknessOfIceCapability Thickness of Ice Capability
661 NTXTDS textualDescriptionInNationalLanguage Textual Description in National Language
660 textType Text Type
659 $NTXST textStringInNationalLanguage Text String in National Language
658 $TXSTR textString Text String
657 telecommunicationIdentifier Telecommunication Identifier
656 telecommunicationCarrier Telecommunication Carrier
655 TECSOU techniqueOfVerticalMeasurement Technique of Vertical Measurement
654 $SCODE symbolizationCode Symbolization Code
653 $SCALE symbolScalingFactor Symbol Scaling Factor
652 SYMINS symbolInstruction Symbol Instruction
651 SURTYP surveyType Survey Type
650 SURSTA surveyDateStart Survey Date Start
649 SUREND surveyDateEnd Survey Date End
648 SURATH surveyAuthority Survey Authority
647 surroundingDepth Surrounding Depth
646 surfaceCurrentSpeed Surface Current Speed
645 surfaceCurrentDirection Surface Current Direction
644 streamDepth Stream Depth
643 stationName Station Name