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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
639 curvow currentVelocityAtOtherWaterLevel Current Velocity at Other Water Level
638 curvmw currentVelocityAtMeanWaterLevel Current Velocity at Mean Water Level
637 curvlw currentVelocityAtLowWaterLevel Current Velocity at Low Water Level
636 curvhw currentVelocityAtHighWaterLevel Current Velocity at High Water Level
635 CATMFA categoryOfMarineFarmCulture Category of Marine Farm/Culture
634 context Context
633 CONINS contactInstructions Contact Instructions
632 CSCALE compilationScale Compilation Scale
631 CPDATE compilationDate Compilation Date
630 $CSIZE compassSize Compass Size
629 COMCHA communicationChannel Communication Channel
628 COLPAT colourPattern Colour Pattern
627 clsdng classOfDangerousCargo Class of Dangerous Cargo
626 CITYNM cityName City Name
625 $CHARS characterSpecification Character Specification
624 $SPACE characterSpacing Character Spacing
623 CATSPM categoryOfSpecialPurposeMark Category of Special Purpose Mark
622 CATSCF categoryOfSmallCraftFacility Category of Small Craft Facility
621 CATSLO categoryOfSlope Category of Slope
620 CATSIL categoryOfSiloTank Category of Silo/Tank