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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
666 elevwl elevationOfWaterLevel Elevation of Water Level
665 sdrval valueOfSoundingDatumReferenceLevel Value of Sounding Datum Reference Level
664 vcrval valueOfVerticalClearanceReferenceLevel Value of Vertical Clearance Reference Level
663 aidAvailabilityCategory Aid Availability Category
662 typatn typeOfAtoN Type Of AtoN 2020-02-24
661 wMOHeader WMO Header
660 webAddress Web Address
659 waveLengthValue Wave Length Value
658 wtwdis waterwayDistance Waterway Distance
657 waterLevelTrend Water Level Trend
656 lg_wdu waterDisplacementUnit Water Displacement Unit
655 vesselsCharacteristicsValue Vessels Characteristics Value
654 VSLUNT vesselsCharacteristicsUnit Vessels Characteristics Unit
653 vesselPerformance Vessel Performance
652 vesselId Vessel ID
651 VERACC verticalUncertainty Vertical Uncertainty
650 VERLEN verticalLength Vertical Length
649 VERDAT verticalDatum Vertical Datum
648 velocityMinimum Velocity Minimum
647 CURVEL velocityMaximum Velocity Maximum