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No. Alpha Code(Acronym) Camel Case ID Name Date Accepted
662 orientationUncertainty Orientation Uncertainty
661 OPERAT operation Operation
660 OLRDES onlineResourceDescription Online Resource Description
659 OBSTIM observationTime Observation Time
658 NOBJNM objectNameInNationalLanguage Object Name in National Language
657 OBJNAM objectName Object Name
656 CLSNAM objectClassName Object Class Name
655 CLSDEF objectClassDefinition Object Class Definition
654 numberOfFeatures Number of Features
653 NMDATE noticeToMarinersDate Notice to Mariners Date
652 nominalRangeKM Nominal Range KM
651 nominalRangeAt Nominal Range At
650 NATQUA natureOfSurfaceQualifyingTerms Nature of Surface - Qualifying Terms
649 NATSUR natureOfSurface Nature of Surface
648 NATCON natureOfConstruction Nature of Construction
647 vcrlev nameOfVerticalRiverDatumReferenceLevel Name of Vertical River Datum Reference Level
646 sdrlev nameOfSoundingDatumReferenceLevel Name of Sounding Datum Reference Level
645 NAMRES nameOfResource Name of Resource
644 meanam nameOfRelevantMeanWaterLevel Name of Relevant Mean Water Level
643 lownam nameOfRelevantLowWaterLevel Name of Relevant Low Water Level