Item Type : Feature
Domain : Inland ENC
AlphaCode : daymar
FeatureName: Daymark
Alias : daymar
CamelCase : Daymark
Use Type : Geographic
Definition : The identifying characteristics of an aid to navigation which serve to facilitate its recognition against a daylight viewing background. On those structures that do not by themselves present an adequate viewing area to be seen at the required distance, the aid is made more visible by affixing a daymark to the structure. A daymark so affixed has a distinctive colour and shape depending on the purpose of the aid. (IHO Dictionary, S-32, 5th Edition, 1248)
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Similarity to Source : Unspecified
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Remarks : Unspecified
Management Details
Proposal Type : Retirement
Submitting Organization : unknown
Proposed Change : Retire feature
Justification : Retired HYDRO duplicate feature
Proposed : 2010-10-20
Accepted : 2010-10-20
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