Item Type : Simple Attribute
Domain : IHO Hydro
AlphaCode : VERCLR
Simple AttributeName: Vertical clearance
Alias : VERCLR
CamelCase : Unspecified
Data Type : real
Definition : The vertical clearance measured from the plane towards the object overhead.
Reference :
Definition Source :
Similarity to Source : Unspecified
Int1 :
S4 :
Remarks : In the case of cables carrying high voltages an additional clearance of from 2 to 5 metres may be needed to avoid an electrical discharge. When known, the authorized safe clearance (known in the UK as the Safe Overhead Clearance) which is the physical clearance minus a safety margin shall be stated (IHO Chart Specifications, M-4). See also 'vertical clearance safe'. The unit of measure is defined in the HUNI subfield of the DSPM record or in the HUNITS attribute of the M_UNIT meta object class, e.g., metre (m). The resolution is 0.1 m or 0.1 ft.
Management Details
Proposal Type : Addition
Submitting Organization : unknown
Proposed Change : NULL
Justification : NULL
Proposed :
Accepted : 2000-11-01
Amended :
Successor : VERCLR
Predecessor : -