Item Type : Simple Attribute
Domain : IHO Hydro
AlphaCode : T_THDF
Simple AttributeName: Tide - time and height differences
Alias : T_THDF
CamelCase : tideTimeAndHeighDifferences
Data Type : text
Definition : The time and tidal height or tidal stream rate difference comparative to a reference station.
Reference :
Definition Source :
Similarity to Source : Unspecified
Int1 :
S4 :
Remarks : The format is the same for tides and tidal streams, with height difference being replaced by rate difference. The relation to a reference station is encoded by the use of a collection object. The attribute is used to contain the identification of the reference station and , encoded in triplets, mean time difference (+ or -), height or rate difference for mean high water or mean high rate (preceded with '-' if negative value), height or rate difference for mean low water or mean low rate (preceded with '-' if negative value), each value separated by a comma.
Management Details
Proposal Type : Supersession
Submitting Organization : unknown
Proposed Change : Add Camel Case
Justification : S-100
Proposed : 2008-07-18
Accepted : 2010-11-15
Amended :
Successor : -
Predecessor : T_THDF