Item Type : Feature
Domain : IHO Hydro
AlphaCode : Unspecified
FeatureName: Fairway System
Alias : Unspecified
CamelCase : FairwaySystem
Use Type : Geographic
Definition : That part of a river, harbour and so on, where the main navigable channel for vessels of larger size lies. It is also the usual course followed by vessels entering or leaving harbours, called “ship channel”. A fairway system is an aggregation of connected fairway features making up a complex fairway system.
Reference : S-101 Baseline Data Classification and Encoding Guide, version 0.0.2
Definition Source : International Maritime Dictionary
Similarity to Source : Specialization
Int1 :
S4 :
Recommended Attributes :
Distinguishing Features :
Remarks : A fairway system is composed of two or more Fairway features that comprise a complex fairway routeing system, for instance a long fairway comprising several bends. To define the complete fairway system, the Fairway features must be collected using the named aggregation feature Fairway System.
Management Details
Proposal Type : Addition
Submitting Organization : IHB
Proposed Change : New Feature
Justification : Required to populate the name and periodicity of a complete fairway system.
Proposed : 2016-11-03
Accepted : 2016-11-29
Amended :
Successor : FairwaySystem
Predecessor : -