Item Type : Simple Attribute
Domain : IHO Hydro
AlphaCode : Unspecified
Simple AttributeName: Measured Distance
Alias : Unspecified
CamelCase : measuredDistance
Data Type : integer
Definition : A course at sea, whose ends are indicated by ranges ashore, and whose length has been accurately measured for determining the speed of vessels.
Reference :
Definition Source : IHO Hydrographic Dictionary, English
Similarity to Source : Identical
Int1 :
S4 :
Remarks : Unspecified
Management Details
Proposal Type : Supersession
Submitting Organization : IHO Secretariat
Proposed Change : Standardize Item Name. Amend definition. Add definition source and similarity. Add INT1 and S-4 references.
Justification : Standardization of Register content.
Proposed : 2019-09-04
Accepted :
Amended : 2019-09-05
Successor : -
Predecessor : measuredDistance