Item Type : Simple Attribute
Domain : IHO Hydro
AlphaCode : SYMINS
Simple AttributeName: Symbol Instruction
Alias : SYMINS
CamelCase : symbolInstruction
Data Type : text
Definition : This specifies the S-52 Presentation Library symbol instruction to be adopted in ECDIS for the new object class (as specified in the S-52 Symbol Library - Addendum to S-52 Presentation Library).
Reference : Supplement No. 3, Page 18
Definition Source : IHO Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data, Appendix A: Object Catalogue - Description of the Feature Coding Schema to be Used for Hydrographic Requirements
Similarity to Source : Identical
Int1 :
S4 :
Remarks : The string for the attribute must be approved by the ENCWG before use. Point, simple and complex lines, area or text symbol instructions may be specified. If symbolInstruction is not populated, a default symbol is provided. Symbol instructions are explained in the Presentation Library Users Manual, Part A, sections 3.3 and 7 "DESCRIPTION OF THE SYMBOLOGY INSTRUCTIONS". Note that the separator between two instructions is the character ';' (semi-colon). Example: SYMINS = "SY(CHINFO11);LS(DASH,2,CHMGD)".
Management Details
Proposal Type : Supersession
Submitting Organization : IHO Secretariat
Proposed Change : Standardize Item Name. Add definition. Add definition source, reference and similarity. Amend remark.
Justification : Standardization of Register content.
Proposed : 2019-12-04
Accepted :
Amended : 2019-12-05
Successor : -
Predecessor : SYMINS