Item Type : Enumerated
Domain : IHO Hydro
Associated Attribute :
EnumeratedName: Concentration of Fishing Vessels
Enumerated Value Code Number : 3
Enumerated Value Code In Use :
Alias : Unspecified
CamelCase : concentrationOfFishingVessels
Definition : Concentration of vessels whose primary purpose is to hunt, trap or process fish. The concentration could be on the fishing ground, in transit or in the approaches to home bases or fish markets.
Reference :
Definition Source : IHO Nautical Information Provision Working Group
Similarity to Source : Identical
Int1 :
S4 :
Remarks : Unspecified
Management Details
Proposal Type : Supersession
Submitting Organization : IHO Secretariat
Proposed Change : Standardize Item Name. Add definition source and similarity.
Justification : Standardization of Register content.
Proposed : 2019-05-17
Accepted :
Amended : 2019-05-20
Successor : -
Predecessor : concentrationOfFishingVessels