Item Type : Feature
Domain : Unspecified
AlphaCode : TWRTPT
FeatureName: Two-way route part
Alias : TWRTPT
CamelCase : Unspecified
Use Type : Geographic
Definition : A two-way route part is an area of a two-way route within which traffic flow is generally along one bearing (and possibly its reciprocal).
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Remarks : A two-way route is a route within defined limits inside which two-way traffic is established, aimed at providing safe passage of ships through waters where navigation is difficult or dangerous (IHO Dictionary, S-32, 5th Edition, 5712). The complete two-way route consists of one or more parts depending on the shape of the two-way route. The orientation of the two-way route part is defined by its centerline and is related to the general direction of the two-way route.
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Proposed : 1994-11-01
Accepted : 2000-11-01
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