What is S-100?

Provides the data framework for the development of the next generation Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) products, as well as other digital products required by the hydrographic, maritime and GIS communities. A copy of S-100 can be downloaded here.

S-100 will support :

  • Imagery and gridded data
  • High-density bathymetry
  • Seafloor classification
  • 3-D and time-varying data (x,y,z and time)
  • Dynamic ECDIS
  • Supplementary layers - Marine Information Overlays (MIO)
  • Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures
  • Web-based services
  • other maritime data applications …

Additional Objectives

  • Content and carrier are independent
  • No need for new versions of product specifications or system revisions
    • Plug-and-play updating
  • S-100 structure can easily accommodate present and future requirements
    • ECDIS
    • e-Navigation
    • Inland and Port ENC
    • Nautical Publications
    • Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures

Who is using S-100

International Hydrographic Organization
  • Electronic Navigational Charts
  • Nautical Publications
  • Surface Currents
  • Bathymetry
  • Tides
  • AIS
  • VTS
  • AtoNs
  • Ice
  • Weather Overlay
  • E-navigation