Part Number Part Title Description
1 Conceptual Schema Language Defines the conceptual schema language and basic data types to be used with S-100
Management of IHO Geospatial Information Registers
Feature Concept Dictionary
Specifies how the IHO registry and registers will be managed and the Feature Concept Dictionary specifies definitions that may be used to describe geographic information and the use of registers to store them
3 General Feature Model and Rules for Application Schema Introduces the rules for developing an application schema and the creation of the general feature model (GFM). The GFM is a conceptual model for features, their characteristics and associations
4 Metadata (General, Imagery and Gridded, Data Quality) Specifies the metadata structure to be used in S-100
5 Feature Catalogue Specifies the structure of the feature catalogue ? which describes the content of a data product
6 Coordinate Reference Systems Describes the spatial referencing by coordinates
7 Spatial Schema Defines the information to describe and manipulate the spatial characteristics of features
8 Imagery and Gridded Data Content model for gridded data for use in hydrographic applications
9 Portrayal Specifies the portrayal model
Encoding formats
ISO/IEC 8211
Specifies the types of encoding formats in S-100
11 Product Specifications Describes how to create an S-100 Product Specification
12 Maintenance Procedures Specifies the maintenance procedures of S-100

S-100 specifies the procedures to be followed for:

  • 1) establishing and maintaining registers of hydrographic and related information;
  • 2) creating product specifications, feature catalogues and a definition of the general feature model;
  • 3) using spatial, imagery and gridded data, and metadata specifically aimed at fulfilling hydrographic requirements.