Components of an S-100 Product Specification


  • Specifies what is need to build a complete product
  • Feature Types
  • Geometry
  • Data formats and file size
  • Metadata

Feature Catalogue

  • Features
  • Attributes
  • Enumerants
  • Bindings
  • Point, Curve or Surface

Portrayal Catalogue

  • Symbols, Line Styles and Area Fills
  • Rule for how the feature attribute combination must be portrayed

Exchange Format

  • Data Classification and Encoding Guide
  • Contains the guidance for how the data should be encoded by the data producer
  • Useful as a template for building the feature catalogue

Data format that is used for data exchange

  • ISO 8211 - normally used for ECDIS
  • GML - good for exchanging information outside of the ECDIS arena
  • XML - text based data exchange for both ECDIS and non - ECDIS