S-100/S-101 Testbed

  • IHO is establishing an S-100 testbed
    • Test the functionality of S-100 Product Specifications
  • Phased approach
    • Multiple sub-systems
    • Iterative Development
    • Nine Distinct Phases

S-100 TestBed Overview

- There is a detailed activity diagram for each box in the diagram
- Feature and Portrayal Catalogues feed into each aspect of the system
- Feature Catalogues feed into both the production and display of data
- Portrayal Catalogues feed primarily into the display of data
- S-100 Integrated means that there may be a partial replacement of the underlying base S-101 data. For example, an S-102 bathymetric dataset may replace part of the base S-101 ENC for navigation purposes
- There are potentially two types of overlays - a simple overlay that sits on top of the base data, or a more complex that interacts directly with the base dataset.

IEC 61174