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Domain IHO Hydro
Name Vertical Datum
CamelCase verticalDatum
Item Identifier 193
Definition The reference level used for expressing the vertical measurements of points on the earth's surface. Also called datum level, reference plane, levelling datum, datum for sounding reduction, datum for heights.
Data type enumeration
Related Listed Value
Code number Enumerated value Name Code number Enumerated value Name
1 Mean Low Water Springs 2 Mean Lower Low Water Springs
3 Mean Sea Level 4 Lowest Low Water
5 Mean Low Water 6 Lowest Low Water Springs
7 Approximate Mean Low Water Springs 8 Indian Spring Low Water
9 Low Water Springs 10 Approximate Lowest Astronomical Tide
11 Nearly Lowest Low Water 12 Mean Lower Low Water
13 Low Water 14 Approximate Mean Low Water
15 Approximate Mean Lower Low Water 16 Mean High Water
17 Mean High Water Springs 18 High Water
19 Approximate Mean Sea Level 20 High Water Springs
21 Mean Higher High Water 22 Equinoctial Spring Low Water
23 Lowest Astronomical Tide 24 Local Datum
25 International Great Lakes Datum 1985 26 Mean Water Level
27 Lower Low Water Large Tide 28 Higher High Water Large Tide
29 Nearly Highest High Water 30 Highest Astronomical Tide
31 Local Low Water Reference Level 32 Local High Water Reference Level
33 Local Mean Water Reference Level 34 Equivalent Height of Water (German GlW)
35 Highest Shipping Height of Water (German HSW) 36 Reference Low Water Level According to Danube Commission
37 Highest Shipping Height of Water According to Danube Commission 38 Dutch River Low Water Reference Level (OLR)
39 Russian Project Water Level 40 Russian Normal Backwater Level
41 Ohio River Datum 43 Dutch High Water Reference Level
44 Baltic Sea Chart Datum 2000 45 Dutch Estuary Low Water Reference Level (OLW)
46 Sea Floor
Reference http://iho-ohi.net/S32/engView.php?quick_filter=datum%3A+vertical+control&quick_filter_operator=Equals
Reference Source Hydrographic Dictionary, Part I Volume I, English
Similarity to Source Restyled : The specification includes information about its context that is not explicit in the specification in the external source.
Management Details
Proposal Type Addition Submitting Org IHO Secretariat
Successor Vertical Datum Date Proposed 2020-04-21
Predecessor -- Date Accepted 2020-04-21
Proposed Change New attribute transferred from Feature Concept Dictionary Register.
Justification Initial population of Data Dictionary Register.