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Product Information
Product ID S-129
Title Under Keel Clearance Management Product Specification
Scope Global, marine areas only
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Abstract Encodes information about a vessel's under keel clearance for use in managing the safe passage through shallow waters.
Owner IHO
Domain IHO Hydro
Responsible body S-129 Project Team
Contact Yong BAEK yong.baek@iho.int
Remarks S-129 Edition 1.X.X is released for implementation and testing purposes only.

Version Information
Version Published
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-129_EN_UKCM Product Specification_Ed1.1.0_Final_Clean.pdf
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S129_1_1_0.xsd
Version Date 2023-11-17
S-100 Version 5.0.0
Feature Catalogue
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-129_1_1_0_FC.XML
Portrayal Catalogue
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-129_PC_1.1.0.zip