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Product ID S-104
Title Water Level Information for Surface Navigation
Scope Water level data are intended to be used as stand-alone data or as a layer in an ENC.
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Abstract This data product is a file containing water level data for a particular geographic region and set of times, along with the accompanying metadata describing the content, variables, applicable times, locations and structure of the data product. Water level data is the height of the water observed or mathematically-predicted values. The data may consist of water level at a small set of points where observations/or predictions are available or may consist of numerous points organized in a grid as from a hydrodynamic model forecast.
Owner IHO
Domain IHO Hydro
Responsible body
Contact Greg Seroka gregory.seroka@noaa.gov
Raphael Malyankar raphaelm@portolansciences.com
Remarks S-104 Edition 1.1.0 is released for implementation and testing purposes only.

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Version Published
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Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-104_Product_Specification_1_1_0_Final.pdf
Version Date 2023-04-10
S-100 Version 5.0.0
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