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Product Information
Product ID S-122
Title Marine Protected Areas
Scope Global
Related links http://www.iho.int
Abstract Marine Protected Areas dataset is a vector dataset containing all navigationally relevant information regarding the Marine Protected Areas within a defined geographical area.
Owner IHO
Domain IHO Hydro
Responsible body IHO (NIPWG)
Contact Eivind Mong eivind.mong@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Remarks S-122 Edition 1.0.0 is released for implementation and testing purposes only.

Version Information
Version Published
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-122_EN_Marine Protected Area Product Specification_Ed1.0.0.zip
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-122_EN_MPA Product Specification_Ed1.0.0_App Schemas.zip
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-122AppD-1_EN_GMLFormat_Ed1.0.0.zip
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-122_EN_SampleData_Ed1.0.0.zip
Version Date 2019-01-15
S-100 Version 3.0.0
Feature Catalogue
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-122_EN_MPA Product Specification_Feature Catalogue_Ed1.0.0.xml
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