IHO Hydro [ Symbol ]

  • Symbol : 573 items found
No. Name Status Date Accepted
573 Surface Current Arrow Surface Current and Speed Vector Surface Current Arrow Valid 2018-03-20
572 WRECKS05 dangerous wreck, depth unknown WRECKS05 Valid 2016-09-09
571 WRECKS04 non-dangerous wreck, depth unknown WRECKS04 Valid 2016-09-09
570 WRECKS01 wreck showing any portion of hull or superstructure at level of chart datum WRECKS01 Valid 2016-09-09
569 WNDMIL12 conspicuous windmill WNDMIL12 Valid 2016-09-09
568 WNDMIL02 windmill WNDMIL02 Valid 2016-09-09
567 WNDFRM61 conspicuous wind generator farm WNDFRM61 Valid 2016-09-09
566 WNDFRM51 wind generator farm WNDFRM51 Valid 2016-09-09
565 WIMCON11 conspicuous windmotor WIMCON11 Valid 2016-09-09
564 WIMCON01 windmotor WIMCON01 Valid 2016-09-09
563 WEDKLP03 weed, kelp WEDKLP03 Valid 2016-09-09
562 WATTUR02 overfalls, eddies and breakers WATTUR02 Valid 2016-09-09
561 VEGATN04P pattern of symbols for mangroves VEGATN04P Valid 2016-09-09
560 VEGATN03P pattern of symbols for wooded areas VEGATN03P Valid 2016-09-09
559 UWTROC04 rock which covers and uncovers or is awash at low water UWTROC04 Valid 2016-09-09
558 UWTROC03 dangerous underwater rock of uncertain depth UWTROC03 Valid 2016-09-09
557 TWRTPT53 single traffic direction in a two-way route part of a traffic separation scheme TWRTPT53 Valid 2016-09-09
556 TWRTPT52 reciprocal traffic directions in a two-way route of a traffic separation scheme TWRTPT52 Valid 2016-09-09
555 TWRDEF51 two way route of a traffic separation scheme, with the direction not defined in the data TWRDEF51 Valid 2016-09-09
554 TSSRON51 traffic roundabout TSSRON51 Valid 2016-09-09