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Product Information
Product ID S-127
Title Marine Traffic Management
Scope Global Maritime Navigation
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Abstract Marine Traffic Management (MTM) datasets describe the availability and reliability of vessel traffic services, pilotage, routing measures, and ship reporting systems. This includes their service areas, services offered and instructions for contacting or utilizing these services. MTM is intended to be a supplement to ENC, and therefore does not describe the geographic information in detail equal to ENC, rather it is shown as a simplified geometry to indicate location, and to be a means of geolocating more regulatory information than the typical ENC.
Owner IHO
Domain IHO Hydro
Responsible body IHO NIPWG
Contact Jens Schröder-Fürstenberg jens.schroeder-fuerstenberg@bsh.de
Eivind Mong eivind.mong@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Remarks S-127 Edition 1.0.0 is released for implementation and testing purposes only.

Version Information
Version Published
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-127 Marine Traffic Management Product Specification_Edition 1.0.0.pdf
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-127 Edition 1.0.0 Appendices.zip
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-127 Edition 1.0.0_Schemas.zip
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-127 Edition 1.0.0_SampleData.zip
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ NPUB Application Schemas NOV2018.7z
Version Date 2018-12-01
S-100 Version 4.0.0
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