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Product Information
Product ID S-123
Title Marine Radio Services
Scope Global
Related links http://www.iho.int
Abstract Marine radio services product specification describe the means to capture availability and reliability of radio stations, radio position fixing systems, radio beacons, services offering navigational warnings and weather forecasts in the maritime domain. This may include details on the service areas, services offered and instructions for contacting or utilizing these services.
Owner IHO
Domain IHO Hydro
Responsible body IHO (NIPWG)
Contact Eivind Mong eivind.mong@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Remarks S-123 Edition 1.0.0 is released for implementation and testing purposes only.

Version Information
Version Published
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-123_EN_Marine Radio Services Product Specification_Ed1.0.0.zip
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-123_EN_MPA Product Specification_Ed1.0.0_App Schemas.zip
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-123AppD-1_EN_GMLFormat_Ed1.0.0.zip
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-123_EN_SampleData_Ed1.0.0.zip
Version Date 2019-01-15
S-100 Version 3.0.0
Feature Catalogue
Uploader:Jeff Wootton/ S-123_EN_MRS Product Specification_Feature Catalogue_Ed1.0.0.xml
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